Sunday, 25 August 2013

Oh noes ...

As much as I don't want to even whisper the word 

....shhhh Autumn....

There are signs in the greenery that the season of mellow fruitfulness is just around the corner.

The Rowan  Tree or Mountain Ash, is commonly known as the Wiggin Tree in my part of the world.
 It even features on our town's coat of arms.

Mountain Ash or Sorbus aucuparia. is well known for keeping witches at bay
The rich , vibrant orange berries are not poisonous and
are eaten in vast quantities by small mammals and birds 


Elderberry or Sambucus nigra is another plant that is commonly 
used to ward off witches.
The berries once purple can be picked and cooked and  made into liqueurs or cordials
but be warned the berries are poisonous if eaten raw.


Blackberry or Rubus fruticosus is perfect for picking 
and if you are away from the road and car fumes then you should
be able to pick lovely clean berries...but always soak overnight in cold water
to get the little berry bugs to come to the surface.
Blackberry crumble and custard is yummy.


Hawthorn or Crataegus spp.
My mother always told me that a good crop of hawthorn berries in the Autumn
meant a hard winter to come.
It's also strongly associated with fairies and marks the entrance to the otherworld.

There are also eleven places in the world called Hawthorn

I never knew that .....

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