Sunday, 25 August 2013

Away we go ....

I'm not an expert photographer but when I'm out and about I've started to take my camera just to capture those little snippets of time and place.

And in wondering what to do with the pictures ----Picksipics was born

All the pics are taken with a little Fujifilm camera

Finepix JX370

No fancy lenses, no fiddling with shutter speeds and macro lens, just a little point and shoot

which shows it's not the camera , it's the person taking the picture that matters.

So with no apologies for style, presentation or technical ability 

here are my picksipics

Lower Rivington Reservoir

The engineer for the Rivington reservoirs was Thomas Hawksley and construction took place between 1852 and 1857. The Lower Rivington reservoir has two dams, the 646 metre long, 12.2 metre high Millstone Embankment and Horwich Embankment which is 506 metres long and 18.6m high.

There were some kids about to have a sailing lesson. 

The water was calm

but the safety boat was out and about just in case there were
any kids overboard.


  1. Nice blog Jo. Keep them coming and I absolutely agree it is all about the photographer and not the camera. I thought only good photographers or pros used massive DSLR's but when I went to classes both teachers used a basic 4 megapix point and shoot and a bridge like me. I have found practise, like in anything, is the key. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Jane - I'll get better with practise and my little point and shoot fits easily into my pocket so I can always have it with me !

  3. How lovely. I really wish I could take good photos. I keep looking for a local class, but there is nothing about. When I'm retired maybe??

    1. Thanks Anne - I'm just a happy snapper - as you know my hubby is the talented photographer in our family !