Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Place of Ancient worship....

 This small medieval Chapel is the most beautiful 

and perhaps the most atmospheric room in Conwy castle

Three lancet windows look East

The chapel remained in use until 1533

Seats for the clergy

"...At the altar they heard estuary birds
cry over the kiss of salt and river water..."

Damian Walford Davies

Shadows and Light...

Conwy Castle

History walks amongst the ancient stones 

and as the light changes you can see wonderful shapes and shadows.


Conwy Castle in North Wales is one of the finest medieval castles in Europe

Impressive walls guard the castle

Built on the orders of King Edward I
The castle was established in 1283 as part of the ring of defences 
encircling the Welsh heartland of Snowdonia in Gwynedd

Gorse clinging to the stone wall of the Kitchen Tower  adds a splash of colour

 Rising from the very rock on which it was built. 
The castle is an imposing sight and regardless of the passage of  time 
is still rather intimidating

North West Tower

View of the outer wall towards the South West Tower

A real sense of domination pervades and the genius of 
medieval masons is still evident in the ancient stones. 

Conwy ~ North Wales

Conwy is a pretty little town in North Wales which sits comfortably in the shadow 
of its magnificent medieval castle

Pretty Little Town

Seagulls swoop and swirl

A perfect place for boats

Lobster Pots

Walking in Haigh Plantations

The Haigh Plantations is an interesting place to walk on a Sunday Morning

Toggers on the bridge

On the move

A new glimpse of the hall

Siding Lane Nature Reserve ~ Rainford

On the site of what was once Rainford Colliery is the Siding Lane Nature Reserve

A pleasant place to spend an hour walking through the woodlands

Steps through the woods

This is the site of the Pit Head Winding Gear

Hart's Tongue Fern grows abundantly

Lichen covered tree

Catkins at the start of Spring

Sunday, 15 March 2015

St Thomas the Martyr Church, UpHolland...

There is so much history on my doorstep. This little gem is only a couple of miles from my home.

St Thomas the Martyr in UpHolland is a Church of England Parish church which dates back over 700 years.

The building was founded in  1307 as a college for a Dean and twelve priests by Sir Robert de Holland who was secretary to Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster. In 1319, the college was converted into a priory by Walter de Langton, Bishop of Lichfield. The Priory, became known as Upholland Priory and remained as part of the  Benedictine order until the reformation, when in 1536 the priory was closed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. 

Parts of the original 12th century priory walls can seen be seen but are well hidden by an overgrowth of ivy which covers the West wall of the priory. 

A hidden doorway

A trace of window

A glimpse into the past

Window on a forgotten world

I wonder how many fascinating stories these old walls could share ......if only they could talk !