Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Could it be magic...no, it's wild garlic..

I wish that I could share the smell of this dingly dell.

The wildness of the garlic and the lazy motes of Spring sunshine
combined to make it feel like a magical place.

"Wild Garlic"

Allium ursinum 

And let your wandering eye perceive a babbling brook

whose glints and splashes gently fall .... to tumble and turn away ...away....

I wonder if the meandering path will take you slowly to a still, small  place of calm?


 I feel that I have served my apprenticeship with my itty bitty clicky point and shoot camera -
I have now progressed to using one of the big guns that we have in our arsenal of cameras.

I am now trusted with a Fuji X20

Happy Days.



  1. Brilliant commentary!!
    ...and wonderful images!

  2. I love the idea of your arsenal of cameras!

    I can imagine the smell. I make wild garlic into wild garlic pesto - wild garlic leaves blended with olive oil, parmesan shavings and pine kernels. It's the best thing you could ever stir into a bowl of soup or use to top a pasta dish :-)

    1. The garlic pesto sounds delicious - I shall have to take a bag next time and pick some leaves !